American Express

American Express, also known under the name AmEx, has a long history of offering financial services, and it’s one of the favorite providers of credit cards in United States, though it is also available in other countries (more than 130). AmEx is a major competitor in the credit card industry, and one of the main choices you have if you want to deposit money with a credit card. While this option is available to you, if you live in the United States chances are that most casinos will not give you this option. There are very few casinos out there that have AmEx as an option for deposits or withdrawals.

So, what should you do if you can’t find a casino that has this payment option? Use your AmEx card to fund an account at an electronic wallet company, which you know is widely accepted by casinos.

American Express Online Casinos

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How it works

American Express cards are typical credit cards, so they work the same way as any other card you might own. You have a number of details that you need to provide the casino in order for the transaction to take place. In order to get a card from American Express, contact your favorite bank and see if they offer them.

Deposits and Withdrawals

If you find a casino that takes American Express, adding funds is easy enough. These cards work the same way as all the others, so you give the casino the card’s number, expiration date, the cardholder name, security code, and the amount that should be taken from it. Once you click submit, the money will be taken immediately, and you will have the option of using them in your casino account.

It’s generally considered that these cards allow players to deposit larger sums of money at casinos, so if you have an account with a casino that accepts this card, it’s a bit easier to be a high roller.

Withdrawing funds might be difficult though, since you’re required to file some paperwork in order for the casino to be able to send you money this way. After you do this once, it becomes much easier to withdraw money. US players will probably not have this option, at least as long as the laws remain the way they are.


Fees associated with the use of American Express for deposits and withdrawals are not standardized. You will find that different casinos have different fees, and there are some costs that are determined by the bank which issued the card as well.


American Express is a safe to use method of payment, which is the case with every major credit card. As always, you have to be careful where the card is used, and it’s a good idea to check out the casino’s security details and encryption level before you make a deposit.


Unfortunately, casinos seem to avoid offering American Express as an option these days, but if you find one that does have it on their list of deposits or withdrawals, it’s a good choice and you should use it.