Cashback Bonuses

The cashback bonus is one of the best promotions that you can take advantage of. It’s the casino giving something back to the players, but unfortunately it’s either not available to everyone, or is simply not used by many of the casinos.

The cashback bonus does exactly what the name suggests. It gives the player back some of the money that they lost. You’re not going to get all your money back, just a percentage but it’s still nice to see some of that money coming back in.


The form that the bonus takes will vary, but the ideal situation is when you’re getting actual money back. In some cases though, the players might just get credit or free spins (though that’s not a cashback bonus).

In most cases, this bonus will not be offered, and the typical promotion found will consist of either deposit bonuses or reload bonuses, which insure that the player will keep playing and will wager more in the future. With the cashback bonus, there is no guarantee that the money the casino gives you will go back to them at some point. You might decide to stop playing on their site, and simply take your money out, and that’s not something the casino is onboard with, so they will generally prefer giving you bonuses which will keep you on the site. We’ve already established that it’s not that big of an advantage for the casino to offer this kind of promotion, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that you will not find the cashback bonus very often.

There is one situation where this kind of bonus makes a bit more sense for the casino. It’s when you’re dealing with VIP players, which tend to deposit thousands of dollars at a time. That kind of player is someone that casinos tend to fight over, so you will find that the bonuses offered to them are better than for other players. VIP’s can get access to a concierge, can get prizes sent to their house, can get more comp points for the same amount of money spent, can get more free games and yes, they can even get bigger cashback bonuses.

Some casinos have cashback bonuses for each level of the VIP membership, increasing as the VIP is on a higher membership level. Deciding to focus on a single casino can prove very lucrative, if the casino has a very good VIP program in place, and especially if cashback bonuses are among the promotions which are available to these players. It’s a good idea to find a good casino, with a good loyalty program in place which includes cashback bonuses, since you’re basically guaranteed that you will be getting some of your money back, if you happen to lose it.

The cashback bonus is a type of promotion that you should always look out for, and take advantage of it when the opportunity presents itself.