Casino Loyalty Programs

Whenever you’re looking to create a new account at a casino, the things that usually catch your eye are the sign-up bonuses, and those are the deciding factors for many players. Keep in mind though, if you’re looking for a casino with which to stay in the long run, what you really should be looking for is a casino that takes good care of its players, and goes the extra mile to make sure they are happy. Having a loyalty program in place which gives something back to the player is one of the things you should be looking for.

In the long run, having a casino with good promotions for existing players is more important than getting an extra $200 when you sign-up as a bonus. With a casino that has a decent loyalty program in place, you will gain so much more if you play long term with the casino.

Loyalty Points

At many casinos, the main way the casino tries to give something back to the player is by using loyalty points. Almost all loyalty programs will work in the same way, in so far as they will offer you points based on your play and then those points can be redeemed for casino credits. For every dollar that you spend, you will get one or more loyalty points. Once you reach the minimum threshold, you can then convert them into cash. The exact value of the loyalty point will vary from one casino to another, so that’s something you can try to figure out before you create the account. The easiest example is when 100 points, received after spending $100, are worth $1, so you get that $1 back every time you spend that amount. It might not seem like much, but it’s money you get back and you can use to play again.

Free Spins

Another way the casino tries to keep the players from leaving is by offering them free spins at various slots. The spins are usually used as promotional tools, giving the player the taste of a new slot that was just introduced. Some casinos have a certain day during the week when they give players a fixed number of free spins, at a different slot each time.

Reload Bonuses

Just as important as the initial deposit bonus is the bonus you get when you reload the account. You get 1 to 3 bonuses for initial deposits, but you might get dozens of reload bonuses over the life of a casino account, so you can win more through them in the long run. The reload bonuses are typically smaller than the first deposit bonus, but you can still get a 25-50% bonus this way, and it’s something you have to watch out for.

VIP Programs

Another type of loyalty program is the VIP club, which the casino usually makes available to players that make bigger deposits. These programs have loyalty programs of their own, with bigger benefits, which try to keep players from leaving to another casino.

All these are things that players should watch out for when making a casino selection. The casino’s loyalty programs show players how much they can win from them in the long run, not just when they sign-up, and they shouldn’t be neglected.