Monthly Casino Bonuses

When playing with a online casino you have the ability to take advantage of a number of casino bonuses, both when signing-up and as a loyal player. Monthly casino bonuses that many casinos offer are designed to keep players interested and to get them to deposit new funds on a regular basis. Sometimes, the casino will offer these bonuses on a weekly basis and other times they are offered monthly.

Cash money

The most important thing that players seem to be looking for when they create their account with the casino is the size of the welcome bonus and the casinos that give the most tend to have a better chance of attracting players. While this helps get the player through the door, it is just as important the size or frequency of bonuses that are offered after that. Casinos should make sure that their loyalty program is just as good as their initial bonus. Monthly casino bonuses are used for that purpose and are joined together with a number of other promotions to give players a combination of loyalty points, cash and free games. The exact kind of bonus that is offered will depend on each casino and is not something that is considered standard. If a casino wants to stand out it needs to offer promotions that sound better than what the competition has to offer.

The monthly casino bonus is often used to give bigger rewards, and like the name suggests, they are given once a month, or even multiple times per month. The casino is free to allow players to benefit from those bonuses on multiple occasions. The bonus might consist of a reload bonus, it might be access to tournaments, free games, cashback bonuses or something unique that the casino has come up with.

The reload bonus is probably the most popular type of promotion that casinos will offer and this can be daily, weekly or monthly. These bonuses give you extra money to play with over and above that to which was deposited. These will be a match bonuses and be valued at between 25% to 50% generally but can exceed 300% depending on the casino.

Another type of bonus that can be accessed is when a new game is released and the casino wishes to promote it heavily. They may want to give players free spins on a new slot or other game but generally these apply to slots only. The hope is that players will appreciate it and spend a bit more playing the slot after depositing.

The tournaments that the casino organizes are also good opportunities to be rewarded for staying loyal. This are usually free to enter and will encompass various casino games such as slots and blackjack.

Another potential choice for a monthly bonus is a cashback bonus. This is where the casino gives players that lost money a certain amount back. This usually will not exceed 25% but it’s still more money to play with and nice to receive.