Casino Bonuses

Offering bonuses is the casino’s most important method of promotion to new players. The number of casinos that try to get the attention of the same player is considerable, so each one has to offer at least what the others are offering, if not more, if they want to be seen as the more attractive option. Of course, the numbers thrown around in the promotions area of each casino are just numbers as long as they are used inside the casino. The casino will truly take a loss on the bonuses offered if the player manages to meet all their conditions and withdraw the money, with a profit. It’s not that likely for most players though, not when they have to meet draconic conditions before they are able to use the free money the casino provided. Free money, in the form of deposit or no deposit bonuses, will have to be gambled with multiple times, and since the casino has the house edge, he is not likely to end up on the losing side.

Ultimately, it’s important to check out a casino’s terms, if the player wants to get an accurate idea of the value of the bonuses that the casino offers. While one casino might offer a 200% bonus for the player’s first deposit, if the conditions for withdrawals are so harsh that it makes it almost a certainty that the player will not get to that state, then the player might be better off choosing a casino with smaller bonuses, and more advantageous conditions.

Casino Bonuses for Deposits

A deposit of this type is given to the player when he first signs-up and adds funds to his new account. The bonus can take the form of a 50%-200% match for the funds that the player adds, so he gets to double or triple the money he can play with, and it will usually be offered for the first one to three deposits. These bonuses have limits, usually at a few hundred dollars, so you can’t make a first deposit of $5,000 and expect the casino to match it.

Another bonus that the casino might offer can take the form of free games, either at slot machines, or at other games available in the casino.

Casino Bonuses for New Players

A bonus offered at sign-up, without the need for a deposit, is called a no deposit bonus. The player doesn’t have to do much to get it, except create an account. He gets real money to play with, usually a small amount ($20 or so usually), and he can use it to test the various games offered by the casino. The money can’t be withdrawn without the player making a deposit, so it’s not as much profitable, as it is a good way to see what the casino is about, before committing funds to them.

Loyalty Programs

The casinos also try to make sure their players don’t leave them for another casino, one with better bonuses, so they have loyalty programs in place, which will try to make the players happy. The bonuses can take the form of free access to tournaments, free games, deposit bonuses and so on.