Casino Comp Points

Comp Points

Comp points, or the loyalty program that most casinos have in place, are a popular way of rewarding players for placing bets, regardless of their wins or losses. The only thing that matters with comp points is that you place wagers. You will get a certain number of points for certain amounts wagered, and those points will have a certain value. Each casino might have different numbers in each case, so there is no unique system in place. An example would be a casino which rewards with 1 comp point every $1 that is spent with them. That comp point might be worth $0.01, so for $100 spent at the casino, the player will get $1 back.

What can comp points be used for?

There is usually a limit at which the player can claim his comp points and turn them into cash. The minimum level might be 100 points, or 500, that’s something that each casino decides for itself. The money, once turned into cash, will be found in the client’s account at the casino, ready to be used at the various games, or withdrawn.

In other cases, the casino might offer the player something else to use comp points for. He might be able to get some gear with the casino logo on it, or buy access to tournaments with them. There really is no limit to what can be done with them, so it’s up to the casino to find creative uses.

Multiple Membership Level

The number of comp points that are received for every dollar spent at the casino will sometimes depend on the level of the membership that the player has. An example might be the regular player vs the high roller that is part of the VIP club. Regular players might get 1 comp point for every dollar spent, while different levels of a high roller club might give back 2 to 5 comp points for each dollar. When you spend more money, you can expect more bonuses to come your way, and this is one of the ways that the casino gives back to the player.

Comp Points differ by type of game played

When it comes to comp points, not all games are treated the same way. The casino has to take into account how much he can expect to win from a player when he decides how many comp points to attribute for every type of game. Some games bring a better profit than others, so the casinos will give better comp points for those games, so that the player has an extra incentive to use them instead of the ones that are not as profitable. You can expect the slot games to give you a higher level of comp points than a blackjack game, and that’s just one example.

The comp point differentiation usually takes the form of a percentage at which the points transform. Slot games might be at 100%, while table games might convert at 50%, so you basically get only half the comp points for the same amount wagered.