Casino Software

Online casinos, generally will not use custom solutions for their website. The amount of work that goes into casino software is astounding, and that kind of investment is not something that would prove very profitable in the long run. A much more profitable approach is getting an existing casino software, from one of the developers that have created one.

This software offers those that are looking to start their own casino a complete solution, starting with the fact that it’s been tested time and time again by other casinos, it’s sure to be secure, it has a cashier section which will process transactions once it’s tied in with the various accounts that the casino can create at various payment processors, it has hundreds of different games which can be played, it’s extremely reliable and it has fraud protection features built-in.

Overall, the licensed casino software is the best solution that a gaming company can choose, while making their own custom solution would prove a problem in the long run, not to mention an expensive option. It costs a considerable amount of money keeping a software platform updated, not to mention the manpower that is needed. New games have to be added on a regular basis as well, in order to keep the player’s interest.


Casino software is heavily tested, in order to make sure that there is no chance of hacking. Connections with the casino are done through the https protocol, with traffic being encrypted, usually at the 128 bit level. A fraud protection component is included also, which helps the casinos prevent people from scamming them or using stolen credit card data on their site.


This is another important component of the casino software, as it allows the player to actually send money to the casino, or to withdraw funds. The Cashier section should allow the casino to offer players a wide variety of payment options, and the software has to make the connection with each payment processor in a reliable and secure way.


This is another component that is very important, since the experience people get on the site will get them to stay, or to start looking for alternatives. Each platform has its own games, with its own prizes, Some have over 400 slot games available (Microgaming), while others might have less than 100. The quality of the games matters as well, and once again, some platforms are much better in this regard.


Casino software has to be extremely stable, and tested extensively, for bugs and holes in its security. If a casino’s website goes down, for whatever reason, that casino will lose not only money, but also clients, because they will go to another site and get an account as soon as their favorite site is not accessible.

The software is usually a complete solution, with the casino having the option of changing the design and the colors, but otherwise receiving a complete package, which they can use to start a casino in a relatively short amount of time.

Casino Software

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