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NuWorks is a newer company and has done quite well for itself in the few short years since it was established. The company started creating online slots back in 2011, so only a few years have passed. Despite the short amount of time, NuWorks has managed to become an established slot developer, in part because of the fact that they built their games on the already well known RTG software. They’ve managed to do that with the help of a company which is also an owner at RTG, a company called Hastings International BV. The initial launch was for the slots that requires installation, but they’ve also added the possibility of playing their games via a browser.


NuWorks has a few dozen games in their library, and they seem to be doing quite well for themselves so far. Since it’s a company that is related to RTG, you will find that many of the features and graphics offered by the two developers are somewhat related. NuWorks keeps releasing new titles on a regular basis, and they offer a combination of good graphics, great features and large jackpots, which insure that everyone will want to give them a chance.

Slots from NuWorks look good overall, and it’s obvious that the designers don’t get to sleep on the job. You will find that their games are attractive, and that their symbols are well thought out. While they do tend to use playing card symbols, they manage to give them designs of their own, which match with the slot’s theme.

Wagers placed in NuWorks slots tend to use a single coin for each selectable line, but the value of that coin can be modified as needed, with the lower value being $0.01, while the higher one is in most cases $1. Since the upper limit of a line wager is usually $1 in their games, the maximum bet is $25 for 25 lines, $50 for 50 lines, and so on. The jackpots that can be won in these games vary from a few thousand dollars, to low five figure jackpots. We’re talking just about the game’s own prizes, not the progressive jackpots.

NuWorks offers a large number of progressive jackpots, which vary in size. Some of them will be worth as little as $1,000, while others will be worth more than $50,000. Of course, there is also a prize that is the ultimate jackpot among the slots that are designed by this company, and it will go over the $1,000,000 psychological barrier. They don’t limit their games to just one progressive jackpot though. A number of their slots actually have multiple progressive jackpots available, some smaller, some bigger. An example would be the slot African Skies, which has three progressive jackpots, called Major, Maxi and Grand.


NuWorks has definitely set trends because of their unique games that revolve around stunning graphics. The company has grown quickly in a short period of time and it is sure to continue its growth with new game releases. There may only be a limited number of casinos operating under the NuWorks software but that will change and an increase in casinos will certainly follow.

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