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Playtech, a gaming company which was created back in 1999, has been making various types of games for the gambling market ever since, and are considered as a top rated developers in the business. While Playtech doesn’t innovate a whole lot, it does know how to create beautiful games, which are fun and which get the player to enjoy the experience. Even though you will find mostly regular types of slots in their line-up of titles, you will have fun with most of them, and that should be more important than just having innovation for the sake of innovation.

One of the strong points of the Playtech games is the fact that many of them are built with licenses from various well known franchises, so they give fans a chance to play a slot machine based on a comic or a movie, and it will use all the images and names from the franchise, instead of using lookalikes. Marvel is the main company to license its titles to Playtech, and you will find many of their comics among the slots that were created by this company.


The slots that Playtech offers are not all themed around famous movies though. You will find that they have their share of classic slots, games that don’t have many feature, or good looking graphics for that matter, but that doesn’t mean they’re not fun.

Placing a wager in a Playtech slot usually means having to select how many paylines you want to place the bet on, and then how much you want to wager on each one. The bets per line usually start at $0.01, and can go as high as $5. Multiply that with 20 lines, and you get a $100 maximum bet for a slot machine like that. The exact number of paylines varies from one machine to the other.

The games that Playtech designs are considered quite standard for the most part, and they use the regular features that we’ve come to know so well these days. You will find the usual scatter or wild symbol in there, plus free spins and bonus games in some cases.

One of the advantages of the Playtech slots is that they benefit from their connections, at least when it comes to the slots that are based on movies and comics. They have a large number of slots built under license, with various comic books and movies as the basis for them. These slots include the famous Iron Man, Incredible Hulk or the X-Men, but they don’t stop there.

Progressive jackpots are available at many of the Playtech slots, offering the players a chance to win some considerable prizes, especially since there is one huge prize to which a large number of slots contribute.



You might not find slots that bring something new to the market when you play a creation from Playtech, but you will have fun with that game. You will also get the chance to experience a licensed slot, based on a famous movie, something that most of the other slot developers don’t manage to do as well as Playtech.

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