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Rival Gaming Software, also known as Rival Powered, is one of the most creative casino software available today. The company has introduced a casino platform that operates with high level technology. Most of the online gaming casinos don’t accept players from the United States of America, but Rival gaming stands out as an exception by accepting players from the U.S. Therefore, Rival Gaming is available to people all across the world. This is done on an individual casino basis.


The interface of the casino sites powered by Rival are designed with unique features. It is designed to be Mac friendly due to the software that enables customization of the casino software. Rival’s InTouch software will allow casinos to works by send reports to PDAs through emails, thereby ensuring instant access to players who require customer support. Customers can access these reports anywhere, at any point of time.

Rival Gaming utilizes a security system called “RivalProtect” for software and casino security. With a RNG certification issued by CertainKey, RivalProtect is embedded into the software of the system. In addition to that, Rival gaming uses “IdentiPrint” to track each and every device connected to casinos. All these programs run only within the Rival Gaming servers and personal and financial data of users are never compromised.

The i-Slots introduced by Rival Gaming is regarded as a unique feature. As people participate in the games by betting, winning and playing more, they get introduced to a story that continues to unfold. As the story continues, the system displays animated clips to make it interesting. This happens as the players advance further by completing more levels. The i-Slots program is updated regularly to offer different experiences to players whenever they play. Rival Gaming has certainly advanced to the next step in top-class technology by introducing such unique programs.

Rival operates their own customer service center to assist their casino clients. This consists of skilled professionals dedicated to deliver the best customer service. They are available at all times either through an email or phone call. If customers are not satisfied with that, they can contact the customer service through live chat.


Rival Gaming is garnering a lot of attention mainly because of its security set up. As they have introduced unique programs to handle security and customer service, the company continues to grow more.