Casinos Certified by eCOGRA

While looking for a casino to create an account with, players generally look at bonuses and promotions to decide if they should get onboard, but there are other criteria that are just as important, and that’s usually overlooked. One of those things that players should learn to look out for is the certification from a organization that does third party audits. The organization in question should be independent, and its aim is to make sure that the business in question is one that is reliable and fair to its players.

The eCOGRA certification is one of the best seals that can appear on a site, and it should give any player confidence that there isn’t much of a chance of getting stiffed by that casino.

Casinos certified by eCOGRA tend to be the kind that are reputable, and they want the players to know that they are treated fairly. eCOGRA audits their activity, and in many cases this kind of audit is required by the authorities that offer casinos licenses.

The organization known as eCOGRA is an NGO, a non-profit which was created back in 2002, with the purpose being to insure that the online gambling activities are self-regulated.

Whenever eCOGRA has a report done, it will be offered freely online, so that everyone has access to it. Whenever you see the eCOGRA seal on a casino, you should go on the organization’s website, and see what reports they have for it. You will get a clear picture of the kind of activity the casino has, and how trustworthy they are. Just the simple fact that they allow themselves to be audited should mean that they’re not doing anything that would affect their reputation.

Choosing an online casino which is independently audited is always a good idea, and you should try to avoid creating an account with one that isn’t. You will notice on eCOGRA’s website that they offer casinos various types of certificates. The first one is the certificate which attests that the games offered by the casino are fair ones, and that the same goes for the casino itself.

The second eCOGRA certificate deals with the casino’s RNG. RNG stands for Random Number Generator, the technology which insures that there is no influence from the casino on the results of the games you play there. The result of a game of roulette or a slot machine should be completely random, with no advantage given to the player or the casino. It takes up to half a year of analysis for eCOGRA to give the casino the certificate that acknowledges that their RNG is completely random.

The final report that eCOGRA will give out for a casino is the percentage of the payouts, telling players how profitable the games are at each casino, numbers which are offered for various categories of casino games.

While there are a number of other organizations that are similar to eCOGRA, they are the ones that are the best recognized, and you will probably get to see their seal of approval on most casino sites.