Casinos for Austria players

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When it comes to online gambling, most of the world has a huge number of options to choose from, but Austrian players don’t have that luck unfortunately. The country’s gambling laws were changed during the last few years, and right now if you’re a citizen of Austria that wants to gamble, you can only do so at a casino that has a local license.

Austria’s players are not able to play at one of the many large casinos that have a license from countries like Malta or Gibraltar, relying instead only on the casinos that are based in the same country as them. Furthermore, the state doesn’t really allow other casinos to enter the market, limiting their number to just the ones that they prefer.

The state’s purpose with these limits is to reduce the amount of gambling being done in the country, whose figures have continued to grow during the last decade. When it comes to online gambling, companies that are based in the country may get gaming licenses, in order to offer their games via the Internet or via mobile phones. Another thing that’s different here though is the fact that only players from Austria are allowed to use the services of these casinos, so they’re closed off to players from other countries. If a foreign casino does want to enter this market, he will find it extremely difficult to navigate.

The changes began a few years back, as the state feared that the problem of addiction to gambling was growing rapidly, and something had to be done about it. The legal changes were a result of the decision to limit the amount of gambling that could be done by local players. Once the laws were passed, players were still able to do their regular gambling in the country’s casinos, which are under strict regulations.

One other thing that is different in Austria than it is in other countries is the fact that they make the difference between casino games with low stakes, and the high roller games. When it comes to slots and card games that have low stakes, the players can enjoy them anywhere. The ones with high stakes are only allowed in regulated casinos.

Those casinos are operated through a company that has the license for it, the only one in Austria. In exchange, that company has certain obligations, which include them making sure that people that have gambling addictions are taken care of. If a player is spending too much money, the casino is required not to allow him entry. Not allowing a player entry because he’s spending too much is something that you will not see in any other casino in the world. These laws are at the basis of the Austrian gambling system, but obviously it doesn’t always work out like that, and many players have still managed to get into debt because the rules were not followed closely enough.

Being a gambler in Austria comes with certain limits, but despite that, gambling is possible in this country, and there are places that the players can go to, both online and offline.