Casinos for German players

Germany flag

Finding casinos for German players is not extremely difficult, though the country has banned online gaming, through its German Interstate Treaty, or IGT. The law’s first effects took place on January 1st, 2008. Even though the law violates the rules of the European Union, the German state is doing everything in its power to avoid liberalizing the gambling market in their country.

One of Germany’s states did have a change of heart, for a short while, but eventually they’ve returned to the laws that the rest of the country has in this area. 50 different casino operators did manage to get a license in the meantime, and they’re currently in a gray area.

Germany has the power, through their laws, to ban access to foreign casinos for their people, and ISP’s have to comply with their requests in this regard. They can also prevent gambling transactions from being processed through the local banks.

Despite the laws that Germany has passed, there are still ways for German players to access online casinos, and play their games, make payments and withdraw funds from these casinos. It’s no longer easy to do all that, but the Internet seems to give players ways of circumventing local laws, and there isn’t much that state authorities can do about it.

Speaking of the two types of restrictions that we mentioned so far, the ban of the gambling websites, and the restrictions on financial transactions, we’ll mention a few ways to go around them, and still be able to gamble online.

Accessing websites that are blocked is easy enough these days, especially if VPN’s are used. These are encrypted tunnels to servers from other countries, with all the traffic that goes to websites passing through the server first, so there is no way to block the final destination.

As for the financial transactions that are the life and blood of any casino operation, there is no need these days for transactions to be done directly between the casino and the bank. The simple use of an electronic wallet system would be enough, since it acts as an intermediary, and it’s not seen as a gambling transaction anymore.

A casino that is designed with the German player in mind has to offer them a few things. One of those things is the site being translated into German, with everything that comes out of it, like the support staff trained to answer the questions that the German players might have. The casino also has to offer the Euro as a currency, but that’s something that they probably already do, since it’s one of the most important currencies worldwide, and used in most countries of the European Union.

If there are some games that are favorites of German players, especially variants of the popular games, then they should be present in the casino’s offer as well. Each country seems to have its own favorite type of poker or casino game, which might not be as appreciated elsewhere.

While Germany is not one of the countries which allow online gambling, there are always ways to go around that, and their citizens are not the only ones in this situation.