Currency Accepted by Casinos

Placing a wager at a casino should be easy, especially when it all happens online, with a few clicks of the mouse, and that’s exactly what every gaming site out there tries to do, make it as easy and as painless as possible. There are many things that the casino can do to achieve that, and one of them is offering the player the option to place bets in the currency of his country.

While the casino will not be able to give the player access to every single currency out there, they will aim for a wide variety, trying to cover every single big category of players they have.

Why that is a Good Idea

Using your own country’s currency to place a bet is generally a good idea because you don’t lose out on the currency exchange fees. Imagine having to pay a percentage of the money you deposit with the casino, and when it comes time to withdraw funds, pay another fee that further reduces your winnings. Those fees are caused by the currency conversion, from the one used in your country, to a currency like the US dollar. Of course, if your national currency is the US dollar, or another one that is widely accepted, that’s no longer an issue.

The power of a currency can be another motive why using a certain currency should be considered. Since the exchange rate between currencies fluctuate all the time, one day you might withdraw funds which are worth a certain amount, and one week later it might mean getting 5% less. Using your own currency all the time insures that there are no losses to worry about. There is no issue with the exchange rate or the fees that are commonly associated with it.

Whenever possible, pick a casino that accepts your country’s currency. While in the case of smaller countries not a lot of casinos will do that, it doesn’t hurt to look around, you might just find one.

Casinos will generally offer the players the option to use all the common currencies, including the US dollar, the Euro, the British Pound Sterling, Canadian and Australian dollars, Swiss francs and Yen. They don’t stop there though, and casinos that tend to focus on certain markets will be much more diversified. For example, you can expect a European casino to offer more than just the Euro and the British Pound. They are likely to also offer Swiss Francs, Norwegian crowns and other currencies, from countries that might be part of Europe, but haven’t yet made the change to the EU currency.

If you’re from Canada, there are a number of Canadian based online casinos, but there are many other casinos that offer the Canadian dollar as an option, even without being based in that country.