Diners Card

Diners Card, while not the most popular option out there, has a long history of use behind it, and it was actually the first credit card in the world, a distinction that does say something about it. Diners Card goes back to 1949, and its full name is Diners Club Card. The card’s inventor made it so that people could eat without carrying cash with them. They could pay with the card instead, and they would give back the amount they borrowed at the end of the month. These days, the Diners Club rights belong to Citibank, though independent franchises also exist out there.

How it works

These cards are different from the usual credit cards most people handle on a daily basis. While the credit card allows the user to borrow money, and pay the money back in time, Diners Card requires that the debt is paid in full at the end of the month. You’re basically making a short term loan, and you pay it all at once soon enough. Usually, these cards have a credit limit that is decided with the owner of the card, since he is the one that has to pay the money back in a few weeks.

Deposits and Withdrawals

Using the card is pretty much the same as any other option that is similar, so you have to give the casino the name on the card, the card’s number, the date when it expires and the security code which is written on the card.

Some casinos will only accept deposits with these cards, while others will allow both deposits and withdrawals.


Quite a few casinos will not offer this option, mainly because of the fees that are charged to both the card owner and the merchant that accepts these cards. The exact amount you will be charged for using this option varies with each casino, and it should be displayed for you once you choose to use it.


You get the usual level of safety with Diners Card, so as long as you don’t give out your financial information to websites that don’t protect it properly, or websites that are not trustworthy themselves, you should be just fine.


If you’re wary of using credit cards, but you’d still like to be able to borrow money short term, Diners Card might be the thing for you. Just make sure that whatever method of payment you choose, if it’s a card type payment, you choose a casino that has a good reputation.