Direct deposit

Direct deposit is one of the more complicated ways you can add funds to a casino account, mainly because there are more steps involved, and it takes longer before you’re able to use the money you just sent.

The deposit process starts out with the player going on the casino site, in the cashier zone, and choosing to make a deposit via this option. The casino has to offer this option to players in order to be possible for them to use it, and many prefer to offer other payment options. Once the player chooses this option, he gets the details he needs in order to complete the transfer at the bank. He prints the details, and he gets to his favorite bank, where he fills out the form required to make a deposit in someone’s account. While filling out this form, the player has to include details on the number of the order he made, so that the casino staff knows which client sent the money. That is needed in order for the money to be sent to the right account. Once the form is filled out, the teller will take it and will process the transaction, giving the client the receipt. Once the casino staff sees the payment, they will process it and the account will be credited with that amount. It may take a few days before the funds finally reach the casino account.

As you can see, this method is a bit more complicated than simply doing a payment with a credit card, but if there are no other methods available to you, this one will do just fine. One advantage is that it’s very safe to make a payment this way, since you’re absolutely sure that it reaches the casino, and there are no details for someone to intercept and use to their advantage, as it can happen with credit cards.

Direct Deposit Methods

There are three basic ways you can go about making a direct deposit, one of them being the one we already discussed. At its basis, the direct deposit method requires the user to be present at the bank, but with technology advancing, additional ways were found for this to be done.

Phone Banking – some banks will offer clients the option to make a direct deposit via the phone. The bank needs to offer this option in order for it to be possible. Simply call your bank, and you will be instructed on how to proceed, and what information is required for a direct deposit via the phone.

Internet Banking – internet banking has become a widespread way of handling one’s bank account, and making a direct deposit can be one of the things that can be done online these days.


Using a direct deposit can be a painful way to add funds to a casino account, especially if you’re used to how easy electronic wallets and credit cards are to use. If you’re able to do it via Internet banking though, it’s much more convenient.