eCheck is one of the safer options available to deposit money online, and it’s also a method of payment that US players can use, so definitely consider it if you’re affected by the local laws regarding gambling. While the way it works is similar to the real thing, the paper check, this one is actually sent electronically, and from the user’s point of view it’s just as easy to use.

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How it works

Players that want to use this method of payment have to give the casino some information about them and their bank account, information which the casino will use to request an eCheck through The process will begin, with being the party that makes the connection between the client’s bank and the casino. After all the checks are complete, if everything is in order the transfer of the funds will be requested from the bank. Through the ACH method, the funds will be taken from one bank account, and put into the other.

It is considered a payment method that is both reliable and safe, and everything takes place between banks, which transfer funds to each other. Having a bank account is the only requirement for this payment method, so you don’t even need a credit card.

One of the main reasons why this is a popular payment option and becoming more popular as time goes by, is the fact that it can be used by players from the US to add funds to casino accounts. So many other methods don’t work for these players, that finding one that is both safe and available to them makes it automatically a popular choice.

eCheck payments are always in US dollars, so you will not be able to make a payment using a different currency than this one.

Deposits and Withdrawals

Only one of the two is possible while using eChecks. You can make a deposit with the help of the eCheck system, but withdrawals of funds from casino accounts are not possible. The only thing needed is for the funds to be presented in the bank account.


This is another advantage that the eCheck has over other payment methods. You will not pay any fees, so you get to keep all the money that you’re funding your account with


This is one of the safest methods of sending money to a casino that there is. The details of the transaction are available to you every step of the way and there is no financial data disclosed to the casino. Only the banks are used to make the transfer of funds, and that makes it a much safer option than the use of credit cards.


As long as you have a transfer to make in US dollars, and you have money in your bank account (you don’t need credit), eCheck is a great choice. It’s also one of the few good choices available for US players.