European online casinos

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Online Casinos, and online gambling in general, tend to be popular in most countries, and it’s the same way for the citizens of Europe. European online casinos have been around for a long time, and, as you would expect, they tend to focus mostly on the citizens of the European Union, or on the inhabitants of the continent as a whole. There are some good reasons why local casinos are preferable over international ones, as long as you’re from Europe, and we’ll cover some of those reasons below.

The advantage of the casino, when it’s built for a certain country or area of the world, is that it’s easier for them to build an audience, since they can offer advantages to the locals, and get them to sign-up with them, instead of going with the usual big casinos that accept anyone.

European online games

One of those ways that the casino tries to get the player to enjoy his stay is offering them a variation of the type of games that are preferred in Europe. For example, when it comes to Bingo, 90 ball bingo is one that’s enjoyed in Europe, so a casino might offer it without bothering to include the 75 ball version, which US players prefer. Another example might be the European version of the roulette, which is different from the US version because it has only the 0, without the additional 00, and that reduces the casino’s advantage. There are a number of other games that are more popular in Europe than in other parts of the world, and which might be chosen by local casinos to be included in their offer.

Languages and Currencies

When you’re a casino, and you’re aiming to gain traction in the countries of the European Union, expecting the players to know one of the few popular languages is not a good idea. Most people will prefer to use a localized version of the casino, and if it’s from Europe, the casino is likely to offer most of the local languages as options. This makes the games easier to follow, and beginners will find navigating a casino site easier as well. Signing-up with a local casino makes sense if the player is based in Europe, especially since the casino is then capable of allocating more resources to make sure that the special needs of the Europeans are met, from the languages used on the site, to currencies and legal issues.

A European online casino is more likely to include the local currencies, even when they are a bit more obscure. Pretty much every international casino will have the Euro or the British Pound among the currencies they offer, but these are not the only ones used in Europe. There are a number of other countries, both part of the EU and outside of it, which have currencies of their own, and many online casinos will cater to them. Using your own national currency to place wagers insures that you don’t lose on the currency exchange.


Online casinos that are available for the European market are more likely to be based in a European country, and to respect the local laws. Your money could potentially be safer with a casino from Europe, if you’re from the old continent as well.