Free Video Poker

If you want to give video poker a try, you can do so at one of the many casinos that offer this game online, and you can even do it for free if you’re not willing to spend money on a game you’re not familiar with. The fact that casinos offer free video poker games allows them to introduce players to new games, while bypassing the player’s reaction to skip a game that he doesn’t know. Since casinos offer players plenty of chances to learn a game before spending a single dime on them, players feel free to try on as many games as they want, before deciding on the ones they prefer.

Video poker

Learning video poker is quite easy once you decide to do it. All you have to do is load up your favorite casino software or website, choose a video poker game and load it up. Once the game begins, you will be dealt 5 cards. Video poker often uses a typical deck of 52 cards, but sometimes it can use the Joker as well. The player decides on the cards he wants to keep in place, while discarding the rest. When that happens, he is dealt other cards, to replace the ones that were discarded. You will find that the game is easy to learn after that, and that your main focus is on creating the best hand possible, in order to beat the computer. The game involves an element of skill, not just luck, just like real poker. Even though video poker is a bit of a mix between regular poker and slots, it’s still a better choice if you want some control over the money you gamble with, when compared with many of the alternatives offered by casinos.

Classic Video poker

Because there is a skill element involved with this game, it is highly recommended that you practice as much as possible, and you make sure that you master the instructions, before you start playing it for money. Video poker is not that difficult to learn or master, so you will find yourself winning on a regular basis soon enough, and at that point you can move on to the paid version of the game.

Free video poker has multiple variants, each one with its own rules, and it’s a good idea to check each version out, and to make sure that you understand the rules in each case, before you make the jump to that new version.

One example of a video poker game would be Tens or Better, a game without wild cards. Another would be Jacks or Better, where you need two Jacks at the minimum, in order to win. There is also Deuces and Joker, with 5 of the 53 cards being wilds (Joker and the four deuces), or Multi Hand Deuces, where you play with the 2 cards as wilds, and multiple hands at the same time. These are just a few examples of variants of video poker, and they are all games that you will find easy to learn. If you’re familiar with the basics of video poker, you will be able to learn any of these variants, by playing a few hands of free video poker.