How VIP Levels Work

VIP Rewards

VIP Levels Explained

While the VIP system will vary from one casino to another, in many cases you will find that it has about five levels, up to seven in some cases. Usually, the Bronze level is the one that you begin with, and in order to advance, you have to either make a deposit, or maybe more than one. Those that prefer to play for fun, will probably remain at that level.
As you keep playing, and adding money to your casino account, you advance through the levels, until you reach the Platinum stage, which is usually the top one. There are significant advantages to being a player that has Platinum membership at a casino, since you get more VIP points for the same amount of money, you get the help of a concierge and you might even win some prizes.

How can you improve your VIP level

The casinos care about one thing above all else, and that’s your money. The way to become a high level VIP member is by using real money to play at the casino, and to do it with bigger amounts. Depending on how much you spend there, you will find yourself becoming a Platinum level member in a varying amount of time.

If you want your points to matter most, you should probably go with slot games, since those usually get the most action. The games which usually matter less when it comes to the VIP point accumulation are the table games, blackjack being a good example.

The Casino VIP Program’s Benefits

You will find that each VIP program is a bit different and the things we mention here are not available everywhere. Some programs will have them and some will not. In many cases the VIP player will get cash back, which is where you get a portion o the amount you have lost. There are a lot more things that you can expect to get from a VIP program though such as vacations, gifts, a concierge at your disposal, free spins and so on.

VIP Programs are Free to Join

The cost of the VIP program consists of the money you spent to get to that level. There is no additional cost to the player to enter the VIP club of a casino, so you shouldn’t avoid joining if you’re invited.

Above all else, remember that in order to be a part of a VIP club you have to use real money at the casino. If you do that, you will benefit from what the VIP membership has to offer.