Independently verified Casinos

Trustworthy casinos can be a challenge at times, when you take into account those that exist online. Obviously, there are many of them that are trusted, but there are some that are not entirely honest with their players, or which are trying to rip them off one way or the other. One very good way to make sure that your favorite casino is not doing any of that, is to check whether they use the services of an auditing company. You will find that the most reputable casinos out there will do that, give the keys to the castle to an auditing company, for them to verify their accounting, their random number generator, the way they treat their clients and so on. We’ll be covering below items that the independently verified casinos are judged on, and what each one tells the player.


One of the things that the auditing organizations look at is whether the games offered to the player by the casino are fair. Fairness means giving the player the chance he’s entitled to while playing a casino game. A game of roulette has certain odds for each variant of the game that exists, and it shouldn’t be influenced in any way by the casino in order for the results to come a certain way. Since the entire online casino industry is built on software, there is always the fear that you’re playing a game that is heavily rigged in favor of the casino.

Random Number Generator (RNG)

The RNG is one of the most important aspects of the games offered at a casino. It insures that each time you spin the reels on a slot you get a completely random result, that it can’t be predicted in any way, and that it’s not rigged by the casino in their favor. The audit will look at how the RNG works and test it extensively, making sure that it gives away truly random numbers. This certificate is usually given after many months of tests are done on the RNG.


Another category that is interesting to the player is the percentages of the various types of casino games offered by a site. The auditing company will look at the finances of the company, and will give away information on how much the casino wins, for every $100 that is used on their machines. If the percentage mentioned is 96%, that usually means that for every $100 that is wagered on the site, the players get $96 back, and the casino makes $4. The fact that the house always wins is a known fact for anyone that gambles, but just how much they win matters as well. The player can compare the payout percentages between different casinos that are audited, and if one of them seems to give the player an advantage over the others, then that’s where the player should play.