International Casino

Finding a casino to play at online shouldn’t be any problem, no matter how much of a beginner you might be at gambling online. There are hundreds of online casinos out there, all trying their best to get the attention of new players, making sure that if you’re looking for one, you will find it very quickly.

One of the choices that a player has to make when he’s looking at the various casinos he can sign-up with is the choice between the local and the international casinos. They each have their own advantages, and we’ll cover the international ones here.

An international casino tries to get every single player possible, no matter what country he’s from. In order to do that, the casino has to do a couple of things right. If you’re the player in this little scenario, the things below are those you should be looking for. If the casino got these right, you should consider creating an account with them, and depositing some funds and claim some bonus to start playing. If they didn’t, you might want to keep looking, there are plenty of other options out there.


If English is not your first language, check out the languages that the casino offers its players. The languages that are used by the world’s powers are usually available, but smaller countries might find that there is a limited selection of casinos that are translated in their language. The casino will not only translate the words of the menus, they will also have to have translators for the site’s announcements, and support staff that will help you if you have any issues. It’s an expensive step, offering extra languages to players, but despite that there are still international casinos out there which offer dozens of different options.


The more currencies are available to players, the better. An international casino will offer all the basic currencies (USD, Euro, GBP), plus a number of others (Canadian dollar, Australian dollar, etc). Ideally, your country’s currency should be covered, since that would insure that you will incur fewer expenses when depositing or withdrawing funds. Each time you do currency exchange, there are fees which reduce the amount you have at your disposal.

Game selection

You’d think that the games shouldn’t influence your choices when it comes to local vs international casinos, but it does matter. Casino games come in different variants, and you should have access to the ones that are familiar to you. If your country prefers playing 90 Ball Bingo, and the casino only has the 75 Ball variant, you might want to keep looking if this game is important to you. The same goes if you prefer certain variants of video poker, which the casino doesn’t offer for some reason. Roulette is another game that has multiple variants, and the casino doesn’t necessarily offer all of them. Make sure you take a look at their games and see if you will have the titles you want.

Whether you should choose an international casino, or go with a smaller local one, that’s something that ultimately is up to you. With whatever one you go, make sure they offer you all the things that are important to you, from the game selection to local currencies or site translations.