Intro to Online Casino Security

When you’re using the Internet to do any kind of business, and you have to give a website your financial information, you’re taking a big risk. There are more than a few casinos out there which are not to be trusted, and there are also a number of people trying to hack their way into people’s computers and intercepting Internet traffic, in the hope that they’re going to sniff out information that they will be able to use to their advantage. Those that are on the other side of the barricade are the casino security departments and the people that are designing the casino software and the encryption used by them. Keep reading, to find out how your financial data is protected by the casinos, and what you can do to improve your protection.

How You Influenced By The Security of the Casino Software

Intro to Online Casino Security

When it comes to the rules that online casinos go by, and the security measures that they put in place, you will find that there are a few different categories that they can be placed in:

• Banking Security
• Practices which casinos should follow to improve their security
• Slot machine security

Safe and Secure

In each case, there are certain strategies in place, and tools which can be used, to make sure that the casino gives you as much protection as possible, and that your financial information is secure. When it comes to sites that are friendly to Canadian players, a lot of the work might be done by companies which audit the casinos, independent organizations which make sure there are no cracks in their security. eCogra and TST are two examples of such organizations.

The Features of Security Software, What Matters Most

One of the first things you have to think about is just how much do you trust the casino you have in front of you. Have you checked out their history, the amount of time they’ve been around, what their reputation is among players from Canada or what kind of response can you expect from them when you have a problem? Ultimately, if it’s a matter of helping you out and losing some money in the process, the casino might simply prefer to keep the money, instead of keeping you happy. The terms and conditions which the casino uses will play a big part in their relationship with clients, and it’s a good idea to read them.
A good casino should keep its technology updated, and should always improve the level of security offered, as the technology and the software evolves to meet new potential dangers.

Slot Machine Security

One of the things you always want to see at a casino is some kind of seal of approval from an independent audit company, which states that the RNG (random number generator) has been tested, and that there is nothing wrong with it. Casinos that are not being fair, or they’re simply trying to rip you off, might mess with these generators, in an attempt to give themselves a bigger advantage. It’s been a problem on more than one occasion in the past, and the scandal with BLR Technology is a good example of what can happen.

Casinos & Banking Security

As a Canadian player, or any other kind of player for that matter, the time when you make a deposit or a withdrawal is probably when you’re most at risk. The reason is that your personal information is being sent online at that time, and that’s when you want to make sure that there is encryption in place to secure it.

We recommend that you use only casinos which have the eCOGRA seal of approval, which means that it’s well secured. Another thing to watch out for is the padlock which appears next to the site’s URL, telling you that there is a secure connection with that site.

Protect Yourself – Choose Only Respected Casinos

Ideally, you should not leave the matter of the protection only to the casino’s. You should try to protect yourself, and that means that you should be careful about the sites you work with. Choose only casinos which are known to be safe and fair to their players. The casinos mentioned on our safe are all considered safe, and we’d recommend you use our lists, to find your next casino.