Online Keno


Keno is yet another cool, fun and entertaining online casino game out there that is very similar to any lottery game. If you love those types of games where you have to make some really small bets but are given the opportunity to win some large jackpots, then Keno is definitely the game for you.

Before you start playing Keno, it’s always best that you get familiar with the game and with the rules. Thankfully the rules of keno are very simple. When you start playing Keno you will find numbers that start from 1 up to 80. Your mission is to guess the right numbers that will be called when the balls are released. You can select a 20 number combination from any of the numbers that are available on the board or you can choose a combination of fewer numbers and the game will begin. The payouts for Keno are based on how many numbers you’ve managed to guess correctly. Usually if you’ve managed to guess all the 20 numbers, then you will hit a huge jackpot prize.

In order to get more familiar with the game of keno, we always suggest that you get started by playing the game for free and only after you are very comfortable with everything, you should move to play it for real money. The game of Keno is basically a lottery game and this means that it’s a game of chance. This automatically makes it an easy game to play, as you don’t have to apply any special strategy nor do you need any skills in order to be a winner. All players have absolutely the same chances of winning no matter what numbers they pick.

There are a few small things that you can do in order to improve your chances of winning. First of all you can sign up for a reputable online casino site and there you need to get your hands on a really nice bonus. This will give you some extra money in your casino account balance that can increase your chances of winning, especially since Keno is a game that has some variance and you need to have enough funds to be able to deal with it.

Keno players from all over the world have managed to come up with a good number of strategies that they think will enhance the chances of winning. Some of the most popular keno systems will have you place bets on consecutive numbers, or use the same pattern for a larger number of drawings. However one thing you should know is that for every draw, no matter what numbers you are selecting, you get to have the same chances of winning. This is due to the game being carried out using a random number generator. This ensures all results are 100% random so strategy in keno is not really a reality.

The only thing that you can do while playing keno in order to win is to make sure that you are playing at a reputable online casino, you are using a decent bonus offering and at the same time choose one that will offer you the best odds.