Licensed Casinos

An important first step that every player should make, when trying to determine whether a casino is licensed casino or not, is to research that casino and its gaming license, including the country which issued it. Each casino is subject to the laws of that country, and if you know that it’s one of the countries that have regulated laws pertaining to its licensing, you know that you can trust that casino. Of course, you have no way of knowing if the casino actually obeys those laws, but at the very least you know that it’s not one that acts in a responsible manner. For players to be sure that a casino is a good choice, that casino needs to be audited by specialized organizations, and the ones that are reputable will take that extra step for their players.

Now, just because a casino has a license doesn’t mean that it’s automatically a good fit. Some countries are better than others when it comes to gaming laws, and there is a limited number of choices usually. One way of figuring out the better countries from this point of view is looking at the ones that were whitelisted in the UK, as being safe choices. The countries which are considered the best for online gaming licenses are listed below.

Alderney Island – this is one of the islands from the British Channel, and it’s one of the best known gambling solutions for casinos, especially if they want to cater to the UK players.

Gibraltar – another self-governing dependency of the British Crown, Gibraltar is behind some of the biggest online casino operations, offering them gambling licenses. Many of the UK casinos are based here, and the gambling industry is responsible for a big part of the country’s employment numbers.

Malta – this is another of the heavy weights when it comes to licenses offered to casinos. The country is a European Union member and thanks to their tax rates and licensing fees, they are extremely popular among the gaming operators.

Curacao (Netherlands Antilles) – one of the older organizations that started offering licenses of online gambling, the Curacao authorities requires companies to keep their main servers in their country, and that all the financial transactions and game logic to be run from computers which are also there.

Isle of Man – another British dependency, Isle of Man self-governs, so they have their own laws regarding gambling operations. They have tax rates which are attractive to gaming operators, and they are another popular choice of a country that offers a gaming license.

Kahnawake – an Indian reservation from Canada, Kahnawake has its own commission and it’s one of the older jurisdictions that have offered licenses for online gambling.

Antigua & Barbuda – a Caribbean country, Antigua & Barbuda is popular both for offshore banking purposes, and for online gambling.

The gambling jurisdictions mentioned in this article should all be among the ones that make sure that players are protected while playing at casinos that are under their oversight.