Online Slots

The slot machine is one of the games that have made the switch from Las Vegas to the online version quite easily, and it has thrived in online casinos during the last two decades or so, since it was first introduced. There are a number of different types of slot machines out there, which the player can choose from. One can choose slot machines that are classics with only 3 reels and a single payline, modern slots with 5 reels and with 15 or more paylines, slots with huge jackpots (and wagers to match), slots with lots of features, and slots that have none. Just as important is the fact that the thousands of slot games that are available these days have varied themes, so in one slot you will find symbols with your favorite movie characters, while in another you will find all about the life on a farm.

If you look at the number of reels that slots have, in most cases you will either get a 3 reel or a 5 reel machine. The ones with 3 reels are considered classics, the slots that were around a few decades ago, using fruit symbols and lucky 7’s, slots that you might still find in pubs or casinos. The slots with 5 reels on the other hand, are the modern slots, the ones with many more paylines, with more symbols, more features and typically bigger wagers possible as well. Some classic slots have some additional features to them, making them look almost like modern games, usually including wild symbols and multipliers.

The number of paylines is also a good indicator of a slot’s classic or modern roots. Classic slots tend to have 1 to 5 paylines, with 1 line being the most common choice. The modern games have more, in most cases a minimum of 15 lines, with up to 50 possible.

A large number of paylines usually means higher bets as well, since the player can place a wager on every single line of the game. Modern slots tend to have higher betting limits than the classics. Placing a bet on online slots is slightly different from the regular experience you get in a casino. Since it’s all in the software, and you don’t actually have to cram the coins in the machine, you’re allowed to use as many as 10 coins for one line, which in the case of a 50 line machine can mean a 500 coins bet.

The prizes offered by online slots vary with each machine, but generally you can expect at least a 50x-100x multiple of the money you put in. The prizes specified in the paytables are usually multiples of the line bet, not of the total bet. In some cases you get the multiplier, in others the exact number of coins which can be won. It varies with each game.

The slots that most people are after are those that have progressive jackpots. A progressive jackpot is formed by pooling the resources from multiple slot machines and casinos that share the same platform and games, with each wager contributing a tiny amount to a huge jackpot. A progressive jackpot may be worth a few thousands dollars, or it can get into the million dollar range.

Online slots are just as fun as those you get a chance to play in a casino, if not more fun.

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