Rival Gaming Slots

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While not one of the older companies that develop slots, Rival Gaming has a decent amount of history behind it, being founded in 2006. The company is based in Cyprus, has more than 40 operators using their product, plus more than 70 different slots to offer their players.

They are considered big players in the online casino market, and their games are appreciated by most players. The company has managed to grow with the help of their quality products, and these days there is a large number of casinos that are using their games.

One of the major advantages of the Rival Gaming slots is that the casinos that are built on this platform generally accept players from the United States. That’s something that so few other casinos offer these days, that it practically assures Rival’s success.


The majority of the games come with 15 to 50 paylines, and with regular jackpots. The few progressive jackpot slots that exist are mostly classic versions, while the one that is modern has 9 paylines. The features start with the usual mix of free spins, bonus rounds and symbols with special roles (scatters, wilds, bonus).

These slots are part of the Rival line-up, and they are considered some of the best in the industry. What they have special is their interactivity, which allows the player to actually take part in the slot’s story, instead of simply pushing a few buttons. What’s truly great about these games is that you get to advance through the story, as you continue to play the game. You even get small animation movies, which appear from time to time, to tell you how the story advances and what happens next. You also get new features and bonus rounds to play, as you go further. This kind of attention to detail and number of features is unheard of, and the Rival slots tend to do very well, especially if they’re from the i-Slots line.

One of the things that makes these slots special is the fact that you can start over with them, and you get a different experience and storyline. Your luck, and the decisions you make as you play, will influence the story, so you get different results every time you give it another chance. If you do find that it gets repetitive, simply go to another i-Slot, which has a different story, and you will have just as much fun. Not all slots from Rival will be this good, but the ones from the i-Slots line should be great fun, every single one of them.

This is one area where Rival doesn’t do as well as they could. Only a couple of slots have progressive prizes, and only one of them seems a bit more modern. The other three are all classic slots, with three reels, which not everyone will enjoy trying out. The prizes are typically four to five figures, so you will not get close to the magical six or seven figure jackpots that other companies offer.


Rival Gaming has established itself as a respected and creative designer of slot games. They have built a nice portfolio of games that continues to grow. While they may not create those at the same pace as others, those they do create are well thought out and enjoyable.