QuickTender is a type of electronic wallet which is available for those that want to transfer funds to accounts opened with casinos, among other things. It’s increasingly popular these days, and it’s a favorite for many because of a number of reasons, including the reliability and the protection that it offers people. They make a huge deal about online safety, and they benefit from it. In some cases, QuickTender might be also called UseMyWallet. When you see that sign, you’re looking at a casino that takes QuickTender.

How it works

QuickTender works like an electronic wallet, meaning that it takes money from an existing source, like a bank account or a credit card, and it uses that money for payments you want to make online. The idea behind these payments is that you don’t have to give out your credit card data, which is used by anyone that knows the right details, you just use the payment processor that stands in the middle and takes a cut of the action in return. You begin by making a new account with QuickTender, you add a funding source, and you can fund your account with them after that.

Deposits and Withdrawals

In order to deposit with QuickTender, you have to specify the amount you want to put in, and you have to choose this payment method. Next you’re taken to the QuickTender website, where you confirm that you want to make that payment, by logging in with your user and password. The money is then transferred to your casino account, ready to be played with.

Withdrawals to your QuickTender account are also possible, and from there players can withdraw the money once again, to bank accounts and credit cards.


The fees associated with QuickTender payments and withdrawals tend to be on the low side, which is one of the reasons why they are becoming increasingly popular. Still, the fees are there, and you do have to pay every single time you deposit funds in your account.


The safety of this method of payment, and the security that’s been implemented by the company, are two of the things that they take a lot of pride on, and its part of the appeal. Paying online without risking anything is not an easy feat to accomplish, and QuickTender probably hasn’t figured it out completely yet, but they’re closer than others to achieving something close to that.


QuickTender can be a decent way to make an online payment, or to fund a casino account. It’s got a lot of competition from many other more popular electronic wallet solutions though, so ultimately pick the one available to you, and the one you’re most comfortable with.