Regulated Online Casinos

Picking a casino out of the many that exist online is no easy task, at least if you’re not familiar with the industry. There are a lot of things that the beginner doesn’t know to look out for, and as a result he can get ripped off, or scammed. One might think that all you have to do is a bit of research on other sites, read a couple of reviews, and you’re done. That sounds good in theory, but it’s not always enough. You have no guarantee that the review was written by someone that is truthful, or that they’ve actually had experience using that casino. Just as easy, that glowing review of the casino you’re considering joining can be written by the casino’s owners. Online, this can be a fairly common occurrence, and you should never rely on casino reviews alone to make your decision.

There are some things that even the player can watch out for, and one of the most important ones is whether the casino is regulated or not. That fact alone doesn’t guarantee you that you’re not going to be ripped off, but the chances of that happening are considerably lower. Each online casino will mention the country where they’ve got their gambling license, the main ones being Malta, UK, Gibraltar and a few others. You will usually find this information on their “About page”, or in the footer of the website.

A casino that has a license is obligated to function according to the rules put forward by that country. Naturally, some countries have better laws than others when it comes to the protection of the players. One of those countries where it’s usually a good idea to be a player at an online casino is United Kingdom, whose authorities make sure that the casino always has the cash to pay its users if they decide to withdraw funds. Malta is another good country, and casinos that are registered there should be good choices themselves.

Now, just because a casino mentions on their page that they have a license doesn’t automatically mean that it’s true. Anyone can write that on a web page, even if they have no connection with that country. It’s a good idea to visit the website of that country’s regulatory commission, and check out whether you can do a search for the name of the company that operates the online casino. Now, some casinos are simply huge operations, and are well known quantities for the most part, with little chance that anything would be wrong. However, if you’re dealing with a casino that you’ve never heard about before, better check that they’re on a list of regulated online casinos.

Another important factor that should be considered is whether the casino is audited by a well known independent organization. One example is eCOGRA, which makes sure that the casino treats its players fairly, but they are not the only ones to offer that kind of information. These organizations are invited by the casinos to verify them and to certify that they are trustworthy, so you know that they have nothing to hide if they have their recommendation.