UK Casinos

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UK Casinos are easily available to any player from the UK, mainly because this country has a robust legislation concerning online gambling. Its citizens are allowed to gamble at online casinos, and the law makes sure that they are well protected against casino fraud. One of the ways they do that is by implementing a list of white listed jurisdictions, where casinos are allowed to be based in, in order to have the permission to advertise and receive British players. Each of those jurisdictions are recognized as places where casinos are carefully monitored and audited on a regular basis, so there is a good chance that they are legit.

UK casinos can be either based in the UK, or in one of the countries which are on their white list. If they’re from the UK, they are monitored to make sure that they keep the player’s funds in separate accounts, and they can cover all withdrawals at any time, and the same goes for some of the other countries which issue licenses. As a result, UK casinos tend to be quite safe to use, and the player doesn’t risk being ripped off.

Since the player can be relatively sure that the safety issues are taken care of, what remains is looking at the features of each casino and seeing if the needs of a British player are met.

The Games

One of the things to watch out for is if the casino has a selection of games that is appropriate for a British player. Certain types of games are more popular in the UK, with good examples being 90 Balls Bingo and European Roulette. The casino should offer at the very least the versions that UK players prefer, though it’s great if they also give the player the chance to try the other versions as well.

The Currencies

These days, the British Pound is available as a currency in most casinos, even those that are international, not just destined for the UK market. As a result, it’s not as important a criteria, since you should have no problem finding a casino that offers accounts in British Pounds. The reason why the currency of the country should be available is because some money is lost during currency exchanges, due to different exchange rates (between the deposit day and the day when you make the withdrawal) and fees. Having an account which uses UK currency takes care of that problem, so you always know how much you’ve won or lost at the end of the day.

The Community

This isn’t always an issue, since most casinos don’t have a community built around them, but if we’re talking about games of Bingo, it’s an important aspect of it, and you would want the other players you talk with to be from the UK as well. A UK based site will have only UK customers in most cases.

UK casinos shouldn’t be difficult to find, and many of them are of top quality, so take a look at their games, their bonuses and promotions, and make a decision based on the information at your disposal.