Understanding Random Number Generators

Slot machines are incredibly popular and that only seems to be increasing as technology allows for more advance games and graphics. Many people lack knowledge on how a slot machine works or determines payouts. When slot machines were mechanical they were still random but today’s slots are electronic with advanced software that determines outcomes.

When you play a slot online you must have faith that the results you receive are random. All casino slot machines, whether online or is a land casino operate with a random number generator. This is to provide random results each time you decide to press the spin button and that there is nothing to influence the position in which the reels stop. As long as the RNG is not tampered with, it will give random results. This is used on any electronic game and not just slots. Video poker, Keno and table games also operate in this manner. Without the RNG, online gambling wouldn’t be possible.

How A Random Number Generator Works

A RNG will take an initial number, which is also known as a seed, and it will then use an algorithm to figure out a new number based on that, which will be completely random. That random number is the seed for the next number that is generated by the RNG, once again randomly. Since they generate random numbers and they are based on a previous random number, these RNG’s should be completely fair in the sense that nobody influences your slot wins and your luck is the only thing that matters.

One other thing that should be mentioned here is that the RNG works with huge numbers. Usually, a RNG from a casino will use numbers which have 219,937 digits. A slot’s machine reels usually have around 12 options, meaning that 1 in 12 of the random numbers that are possible will correspond to one of the outcomes that are possible.

Is RNG Software Fair?

Since the RNG has to start from an initial seed number, it’s not 100% random, and if you figure out the seed number you can in theory beat the system. That in itself is near impossible and becomes a mute argument.

As long as the company which uses the RNG is fair, the RNG is fair as well, and random in the way it gives us results at casino games. Since the company has to play by the rules, the best course of action is to always register with casinos that are audited and are subject to third party testing (one of the well-known organizations is eCOGRA, and sites audited will display their seal of approval).

Should You Change Your Strategy at the Slots?

Whatever strategy you have, keep in mind that casinos have truly random outcomes when you spin the reels. In fact this is decided instantly upon pressing the spin button and the actually spinning of the results is essentially for effect only. The results you got in the past should not be used as a basis for a strategy, not when there is no way to predict what combination of symbols will come next. Believing that you will soon win a big prize, because nobody has won in a long time is false and the reality is someone can win a large amount and the next spin after can see a similar large win. Slot machines do not go hot or cold, that is a myth and something that can prove to be a costly for those who think otherwise.