UseMyServices offers payment solutions online, which use existing providers of financial services, which the user is already signed-up with. Under the umbrella of UseMyServices the user will also find UseMyFunds, which deals with the use of bank accounts as a funding source, and UseMyCard, which is used if there is no credit card available.

How it works

The advantage that UseMyFunds has is that it works with the bank account that you already own, and you don’t have to install any special software in order to make this work. In order to use UseMyServices to deposit funds at a casino, the player needs to choose the amount he wants to deposit, to select this method of payment, and to move to the next step. Next, the player chooses the bank that he wants to use as a source, and then he is taken to his internet banking account, where he uses the username and password to confirm the transaction. Once the payment is done, the user returns to the merchant page, and that’s all he has to do.

This is not the only service that gives the user the option to make a payment by accessing the internet banking account of the user, but it’s still a decent option, and it’s easily available. Some of the other options available require that software be installed, which is not necessary with UseMyServices.

Deposits and Withdrawals

This payment method, which makes use of an existing bank account, will work only for deposits. It’s fairly easy to use, and users should have no difficulty with it. Withdrawals are not possible with this method, since what this offers is mostly a method of making a secure payment.


Those that make deposits with this payment method don’t usually pay any fees for it. The exception is the use of a Pre-Authorized Debit, or a PAD, which is only available to customers from Canada, and it costs $1 to use. Another one is the PIN Debit transactions, which have a fee of $2.50, or 2.5%.


This method of payment doesn’t require the user to give any sensitive financial information to the casino he’s depositing funds to, so it’s a safe method overall. The internet banking option is generally quite safe, and it often requires additional steps to be used, such as the use of token generators.


There is a good reason why UseMyServices should be a top choice for those that value safety, and it’s the way this system works when it’s making payments.