Vegas City – Las Vegas Casinos

Las Vegas casinos are world famous, being responsible for making this city the world’s number one destination when it comes to gambling, Elvis impersonators, quick weddings and the perfect setting for a bachelor party. Visit a Las Vegas casino, and you will notice as soon as you get in the slot machines, the sounds of the games as they’re being played, the various gorgeous cocktail waitresses that make the rounds of the room, and all the gamblers having a great time. These casinos tend to have hotels attached to them, giving the gambler the option to never leave the building during his stay in Las Vegas, if that’s what he wants.

Las Vegas grew considerably during the late 30’s and the 40’s, mostly because of the anti-gambling laws which were issued in states like California back then. The city already had some casinos back then, with Pair-o-Dice being the first one. As for the famous Las Vegas Strip, its beginnings saw its first casino in 1941, and it was called El Rancho Vegas. The city has been immortalized in a huge number of movies, books and TV shows, making it look glamorous and the perfect choice for a fun weekend.

You will find that the word “impressive” describes Las Vegas quite accurately, and that goes for its casinos as well. The majority of the biggest resort casinos in the world were built in Las Vegas. If you take a look at the Top 25 names on that list of top casinos, you will find 19 of them to be from this city (Captain Jack is one of the best casinos online). That should give you an idea of the kind of choices that are at your disposal when you visit it.

The player that should visit a Las Vegas casino doesn’t have to fit a certain mold. He can be an expert player, and he will find high roller rooms to play in, no matter what game he prefers. He can also be a beginner that doesn’t have a clue how casinos work, and he will have loads of fun trying out the slot machines, learning how to place a wager at a roulette or practicing his poker skills.

Las Vegas’ Best Casinos

Las Vegas, while it does have new casinos which were launched during the last decade, also has some very impressive old casinos, which made history in this town. One of them is Sands Hotel, a casino which had its doors open between 1952 and 1966. That is where the famous Rat Pack played, with Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr, Dean Martin and the others making history under their roof.

Another famous casino in Vegas is Palms, which was finished in 2001. The Playboy Club is hosted there, and there are a lot of stars and VIP’s frequenting it and playing in this casino.

Caesars Palace is another name that you will probably recognize, a famous Las Vegas casino which is a huge and luxurious option for those visiting the city.

Wherever you go in Las Vegas, you’re sure to have lots of fun. Just keep an open mind, don’t hold your wallet too tight, and try to experience as many new things as possible.