Online Video Poker

Video poker

Video Poker is a fun and exciting casino game that is based on the 5 card draw poker game. This game was introduced to the market back in the time when the first computers appeared, in the ‘70s – 80s. Now it managed to gain a huge amount of popularity and it can be considered to be a very popular form of gambling all over the world.

The thing that managed to make this game so popular are the simple rules, as anyone that has played the 5 card draw poker game, will have no problem playing it, and there is also the very small house edge. But in order to get an advantage while playing this game you will be required to have some skills and know the rules and strategies that you have to apply.

The video poker is very popular and this means that there were many variations available. One of the most popular variety of video poker is Jacks or Better. This means that in order to receive a payout, you need to have at least a pair of Jacks. There are many variations that have side bets, progressive jackpots and many other cool features. Even if this might seem to be a great idea to start playing the huge diversity of video poker games, we always suggest that you stick to the classic version or the jacks or better version, since these two are the ones that can offer you the highest payouts.

How to play Video Poker

Playing the game is very easy. You basically need to be familiar with the hand ranking in poker and use that knowledge in order to make winning combinations. It all starts with selecting the number of coins that you plan to bet and after that you have to click the deal button. You will be in front of 5 cards and you can hold or release each of them. After you have made the selection click on the same button and you will receive a new set of cards for those that you have decided to release. And in case you have a winning hand, you will get the opportunity to receive a payout based on the payout table that is most of the time located on your screen. The payouts are really great and thanks to the small house edge you have the chance to win some really massive prizes. The best paying hand is of course the royal flush.

Video Poker Strategy Tips

Beating the video poker machines is not a difficult task to complete. Here are a few tips that will enhance the payouts from playing the game:

  • Get familiar with the rules – It is vital to know exactly how to play the game before you jump in and make real money bets.
  • Stick to the classic version – When you are playing video poker you need to make sure that you have the smallest house edge and you just have to pick the games with the highest payout.
  • Go for the straight – In case you have in front of you a hand that could turn into a straight go for it, since the payout is nice and worth playing.
  • Go for the three of the kind or four of a kind – When you have a pocket pair, even if it’s a small one, you should discard high cards like aces, queens or kings just to get a chance to get a three of a kind, even if you have in front of you a small pair.